Reportar fraudes

Ayuda y preguntas frecuentes

At Regions we are committed to helping you protect yourself from fraud. Should you encounter fraud, phishing scams or identify theft, we provide guidance on how to notify us and necessary steps to take towards resolving the issue quickly.

Dispute a Transaction

If you’ve noticed a suspicious or unauthorized charge on your account, it’s a good idea to contact us quickly to dispute the transaction. Learn more using our detailed guidance on what you need to know before contacting us, as well as what to expect during the process of disputing a transaction.

Lost or Stolen Cards

Report a lost or stolen card by immediately calling us at 1-800-REGIONS (734-4667) or visiting your local branch. You may also use Online Banking número de descargo de responsabilidad legal1 or the Regions Mobile App número de descargo de responsabilidad legal2 by choosing “Card Services” within the menu. We provide options to report a lost or stolen card and order a replacement card. We will ensure that your current card is cancelled and that a new card is sent via U.S. mail.

Also, while we work together to resolve the issue, consider blocking activity on your Regions credit card, Now Card or CheckCard using LockIt℠ número de descargo de responsabilidad legal3 within the Regions Mobile App.

Robo de identidad

Es importante que tome medidas inmediatas tan pronto como se percate de que puede haber sido una víctima de robo de identidad. Una respuesta decidida de su parte puede ayudarlo a reducir su exposición a pérdidas financieras.

Review Your Regions Account: You should first review all of your accounts for any suspicious activity or transactions using Regions Online Banking, or by calling 1-800-REGIONS (734-4667). If you have determined that your Regions accounts have been compromised or you suspect that a Regions account exists that you did not open, please contact a Regions Banker at 1-888-987-6540.

Use Our Identity Theft Kit: Should you become a victim of identity theft or if you believe your Regions Bank account information may have been compromised, please download the Kit de Regions para Robos de Identidad (en Español) immediately. This is a free service that can help Regions customers restore their financial identity.

Contact Local Police Department: In the event of identity theft, it is important that you notify your local police department and file a report. Be sure to request a report number or a copy of the report for your records and, if necessary, to include with any affidavits you may need to provide.

Contact the Identity Theft Clearinghouse: The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) maintains the Identity Theft Clearinghouse – the federal government's centralized identity theft complaint database. We encourage you to contact them and report your identity theft. Visit the website or call toll-free at 1-877-438-4338.

En sus continuos esfuerzos para solucionar los problemas relacionados con los robos de identidad, esta información se comparte con otras agencias gubernamentales, agencias de reportes del consumidor y empresas donde se cometieron los fraudes.

Notify Credit Bureaus: It is highly recommended that you contact the three national consumer reporting agencies if you believe you have been a victim of identity theft. Ask each agency to place a "fraud alert" on your credit report and to send you a copy of your credit file.

Equifax – 1-800-525-6285 or

Experian – 1-888-397-3742 or

TransUnion – 1-800-680-7289 or

Document Everything: Use the Regions Identity Theft Action Register provided in our Kit contra robos de identidad to document your process.

Fraudes de correo electrónico, "phishing" o "spoofs"

Fraudulent emails and websites designed to elicit your personal information can be very sophisticated and deceiving. Fraudulent emails, known as phishing, can look very similar to Regions communications. If you see suspicious emails or online requests asking for information or actions regarding your financial information, do not click on the links or reply to the message. If you believe that you have received or replied to a suspicious email and provided private information about your Regions account, please contact us immediately at 1-800-REGIONS (734-4667) or via email at