Check Security

At Regions we are committed to helping you – our customer – protect yourself from fraud. As one way to demonstrate this commitment, we have compiled helpful information to enable you to protect your personal privacy and financial security. In addition, should you encounter fraud or identify theft, we have also included guidance on how to notify us, as well as other creditors where applicable.

How to Protect Your Checks
At Regions we want to insure your privacy and the safety of your account information. The following is a brief list of checking account protection tips:

  • Guard your checkbook and extra (new) checks.
  • Never give your account and routing numbers to people you do not know, especially to anyone over the telephone.
  • Never use your deposit slip for "scrap" paper or notes and then give it to someone. Guard your deposit slips.
  • Properly store or dispose of canceled checks.
  • If you checkbook is lost or stolen, immediately inform us - notify 1-800-REGIONS immediately.
  • When traveling for a period of time, it is wise to leave your checkbook at home and locked away. Purchase traveler's checks or use your ATM/Regions VISA ® CheckCard while traveling.
  • Always write checks using non-erasable ink pens, typewriters or printers - never pencil.
  • Write the dollar amount in both numbers and letters, as far to the left in the allotted space as possible and draw a line through the unused space to the right of the letters and numbers to prevent additions.
  • When writing the payee name on the "Pay to the Order of" line, make sure the name is spelled out completely (do not use abbreviations) so it cannot be altered.
  • Balance or reconcile your checkbook register when you receive your monthly bank statements.