Doing More in Dallas

Helping women and children rebuild trust and self-reliance

It takes a special place with dedicated people to help women and children who have known domestic abuse to bounce back from their terrifying experiences. It also takes determination – a quality that Mark Hagan has in seemingly endless amounts. Mark’s drive to do more led to the creation of Emily’s Place – a transformational housing program for women and children who are victims of domestic violence.

It began in 2002 with a conversation he had with his grandfather. “I was talking to him about how I felt like I needed to be doing something more than just taking care of myself. He suggested that I look at an organization called Providence Network in Denver,” Mark says.

During his meeting with Providence Network, a faith-based organization that helps women and children heal from abuse, everyone agreed the program could and should be duplicated in the Dallas metropolitan area. With the help of a group of church leaders in Dallas, Mark located a facility where he could put Providence Network’s programming to work and created Emily’s Place. He also enlisted Regions Area President Marc Angle to join the board of directors for Emily’s Place. “When I asked him to join, he didn’t hesitate. He just said, ‘I’m in,’” Mark  recalls.

Over the years, as chairman of the board, Mark tirelessly has recruited many generous individuals and corporations to help. In 2012, he raised $525,000 to purchase land that included a historic home in Plano, Texas. It is there that, with the help of Regions, Emily’s Place will build a $965,000 facility that will have 28 beds to serve women and children. It’s in the first phase in a three-phase plan to grow Emily’s Place. The need for facilities like Emily’s Place is great. In 2012, the center received more than 700 phone calls inquiring about space in the program. With a 24/7 live-in staff that includes a husband-and-wife team to offer support and act as role models, Emily’s Place provides a unique bridge from life in a shelter back into the community.

Watch the Helping Women and Children Start Anew video

From left to right: A resident of Emily’s Place and her son, Marc Angle, Mark Hagan.

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