Fraud Safety Tips

At Regions we are committed to helping you - our customer - protect yourself from fraud. As one way to demonstrate this commitment, we have compiled helpful information to enable you to protect your personal privacy and financial security.

You can easily deter potential theft of your privacy by following some of these steps:

Shred It - Don't throw away statements containing personalized information such as account numbers, birth dates and social security numbers without shredding them first.

Lock It - Thieves can easily snatch mailbox correspondence that has all of the information they need to commit identity theft. Consider purchasing a locked mailbox or slot in which to receive mail at home.

Review It - Check your bank, credit card, brokerage and other financial statements immediately upon receipt. Report any inaccuracies as soon as they are discovered.

Watch It - Review your credit bureau reports and report any errors immediately.

Prevent It - Get the latest firewall and anti-virus software to protect your computer against possible attacks.

Protect It - Never use public computers located at libraries, Internet cafes, etc., to view your accounts or to conduct financial transactions.

Don't Need It - Be careful of pop-up ads offering the latest anti-spyware, screensavers, or warnings regarding your system. There is no guarantee these are coming from reputable companies, so research before you download.

Also, find more information about protecting yourself in various situations from the list below: