Electronic Checks

Check acceptance is necessary and can be a burdensome part of conducting business. But it doesn't have to be with electronic checks. Thanks to Electronic Check Service (ECS), you can continue offering your customers the option of paying by check, while dramatically reducing the risk and cost associated with accepting those checks.

ECS converts all paper checks – consumer and business –into safe, efficient electronic transactions. By submitting checks through the same system that you use to authorize credit cards, you can significantly lower costs and enrich your cash flow.

Flexible Service Options
With ECS, you have a choice of flexible service levels to choose from, specifically matched to meet your business needs.

Conversion w/ Guarantee

  • Guarantees the funds and converts the check to an electronic transaction
  • Merchant shifts the risk of returned items to the guarantor

Conversion w/ Verification

  • Verifies that the check is currently "good" and converts the check to an electronic transaction
  • Merchant retains the risk of returned items

Conversion w/ Verification & Collections

  • Offers the advantage of Conversion with Verification and utilizes a third party provider for collection efforts
  • Merchant retains the risk of returned items

Information can be requested about electronic checks from your local merchant sales representative.


Merchant Services are provided by Elavon. All services are subject to applicable terms and conditions. Restrictions and qualification requirements may apply to certain services. Some services may be subject to credit approval. Contact a Regions Merchant Sales representative for details.