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Ideal para quienes realizan la mayoría de sus operaciones bancarias en línea, con pocos cheques.

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Resumen del panel de productos

Descripción del panel de productos

  • $100 Minimum Opening Deposit

  • 700 free withdrawals per month

  • Protección contra sobregiros disponible

Detalles del panel de productos


Choice of Regions iTreasury Small Business cash management package número de descargo de responsabilidad legal1 ,

OR, Regions Online Banking con Bill Pay for Business

Protección contra sobregiros Disponible

24-Hour Automated Banca telefónica

30% de descuento en una caja de seguridad con un 10% de descuento adicional con la creación de un débito automático en una cuenta de ahorros o cheques de Regions (según disponibilidad)

Banca móvil número de descargo de responsabilidad legal2

Cash Deposit and Excessive Withdrawal/Item Fees
$0.50 charge for each withdrawal in excess of 700 per month número de descargo de responsabilidad legal3 and $0.25 per $100 for cash deposits in excess of $10,000 per month. número de descargo de responsabilidad legal4
Custom three-to-a-page business checks and custom value packs available. For more information, contact Harland Clarke Business Solutions at 1-877-275-4427. 
Cómo evitar el cargo mensual
Maintain a monthly average balance of $25,000. Otherwise, there's a monthly fee of $22.
Depósito mínimo inicial
Monthly Statements
No charge for online statements, paper statements with no check image, or paper statements with printed check images. $10 per month for paper statements with deluxe check images. Fee will be assessed whether or not checks are written during the statement period. número de descargo de responsabilidad legal5
Otros cargos

Returned Item - $36 per item when we do not pay a check or other transaction because you do not have sufficient funds and the item is returned.

Early Account Closing - $25 if closed within 180 days of opening

Stop Payment - $36 per request/renewal

Returned Deposit Item Fee - $10 for each check that you deposit that is rejected due to insufficient funds in the payer’s account, stop payment, etc.

Overdraft Protection Transfers - $10 each day there is a transfer from your linked Regions overdraft funding account (see Overdraft Options below for more information).

Paid Overdraft Item Fee - $36 per item we pay on your behalf when you do not have sufficient available funds (see Overdraft Options below for more information).

Overdraft Protection Options
Regions offers Overdraft Protection and Standard Overdraft Coverage.

Overdraft Protection - When you enroll in Overdraft Protection, your business checking account is linked to a funding account at Regions, such as another business deposit account, credit card account, or line of credit. Overdraft Protection may be used to authorize and/or to pay CheckCard and ATM transactions if your checking account lacks sufficient available funds. Overdraft Protection also may be used to pay checks, ACH transactions, and other items when payment of those items would overdraw the checking account. We generally transfer amounts from the designated funding account to the checking account in increments of $100. A $10 or $15 transfer fee (depending on product] will be charged to your checking account each day a transfer occurs. 

Standard Overdraft Coverage - Standard Overdraft Coverage is a service we may provide on your qualified business checking account to cover transactions that exceed the available balance in your account and any funds available for Overdraft Protection, if applicable. We may use Standard Overdraft Coverage to pay check, ACH and recurring CheckCard transactions. However, we may decline to pay these items into overdraft on an account, even if that account has Standard Overdraft Coverage. In that event, we will return the item and charge a Returned Item fee. We may also use Standard Overdraft Coverage to authorize and to pay CheckCard and ATM transactions into overdraft. We will charge a Paid Overdraft Item fee of $36 for each item paid into overdraft.

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