Winning Essay by Anika M. from Arkansas attending Harvard University

Winning Essay by Anika M. from Arkansas attending Harvard University

From a modest family in Chicago to becoming the first First Lady of the United States of America to hold two Ivy League degrees, Michele Obama is easily one of the most inspirational African Americans of modern history. Her consistent push against boundaries and empowerment for young adults worldwide, especially minorities, sends a powerful message. Her dedication to serving the United States has truly broken a glass ceiling - the ceiling barricading women of modern society from bringing about change in positions of power.

Michelle Obama is an inspiration and role model for me on how women, especially women of minority backgrounds like myself, are powerful individuals capable of yielding power and influence to bring a positive change in the world. Despite facing continuous scrutiny in the public eye, Obama has used her power and influence to better lives worldwide through major policy changes. Looking at her, I know regardless of what I dream to become, I will be successful and make all my dreams a reality. I too can become an influential physician capable of inducing positive change in my community.

Over her lifetime, Michelle Obama has gone to lengths to bring positive change in society. She has used her platform as First Lady to bring awareness about a series of issues. Her nation-wide programs targeting children’s health, higher education attainment, and female empowerment are all inspiring, directly and indirectly.

Directly, her initiatives connect children to healthier food options in school and food deserts. She has helped students across the nation, like myself, gain access to higher education. I will go to college because of my college advisor’s support and Michelle Obama’s push for increased access to college. Most importantly, she has propelled strong independent women with the help of figures like Malala Yousafzai and Hillary Clinton. She encourages women to enter STEM fields and I feel confident as I look forward to pursuing my medical degree. All these examples are directly inspiring because they have all helped me improve my personal health, college goals, and self-confidence.

Simultaneously, Obama has indirectly been even awe-inspiring. She quickly gained the political capital necessary to establish these programs. I look up to such leadership. I want to similarly push healthcare and higher education in my own community. As a physician, I will address health issues and will use my platform to give opportunities for students to gain exposure to healthcare. I know if Obama was able to roll out such successful programs on a national scale, I do have the ability to roll out such directed measures in my own community.

Through her numerous achievements, Michelle Obama has become a role model for me, and young adults around the world. I look up to her and am inspired to create as much good as she has created in her career. If she could come from a typical family and make such strides to improve people’s lives, I too can make such an impact on my own community long term.


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