Visa Zero Liability Policy

It's simple. Shop online and off with absolutely no risk. Use your Regions Platinum Visa CheckCard to shop online, in a store, or anywhere and you are protected from unauthorized use of your card or account information.

With Visa's Zero Liability policy1 your liability for unauthorized transactions is $0 – you pay nothing. Visa's Zero Liability policy means 100 percent protection for you. Should someone steal your card number while you are shopping, online or off, you pay nothing for their fraudulent activity. Should you notice suspicious activity on your checking account, please contact us immediately at 1-800-REGIONS.

If your Regions Platinum Visa CheckCard is ever lost or stolen, please report it immediately by calling 1-800-295-VISA. We will ensure that your current card is cancelled and that a new card is sent via U.S. mail.

1. U.S. issued cards only. Visa's Zero Liability policy does not apply to commercial card or ATM transactions, or to PIN transactions not processed by Visa. See your Visa Cardholder Agreement for further details.