Regions Open Architecture

Through the Regions Open Architecture solution, our clients have access to what we believe to be the industry’s premier Investment Managers. These managers have undergone due diligence by Regions' internal group of dedicated analysts and are available at fees and minimums that are lower than would typically be available to some investors. Our clients can feel confident that the Regions team will provide personalized asset allocation and investment selections designed with the goal of helping them reach their goals and objectives.

Investment Research Group
The Investment Research Group (IRG) provides due diligence oversight of the non-proprietary investment options available through the Regions Open Architecture solution. The group is:

  • Responsible for the selection and ongoing monitoring of what we believe to be the industry's premier Investment Managers.
  • An unbiased, objective team committed to finding investments for Regions client portfolios.

The IRG follows a disciplined due diligence process to identify managers. Investment Managers that produce attractive risk adjusted returns, while exhibiting a definable, executable, and repeatable investment process are favored. Investment vehicles on the platform include: Separately Managed Accounts, Manager Models, Mutual Funds, and Exchange Traded Funds.

Through the Regions Open Architecture solution, Regions is now able to provide Unified Managed Account (UMA) structure. UMA structure offers diversification within a single account. A Unified Managed Account might include a separate account manager model, individual securities, and/or one or more mutual funds or exchange-traded funds. Working together with our clients, Regions Financial professionals determine an appropriate asset allocation, address tax issues, re-balance a portfolio across all holdings and manage cash flow more strategically than traditional single style accounts. In addition, our clients have a greater ability to monitor performance at their total portfolio level rather than at an individual investment level.

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Under some circumstances, investment management services and/or strategies under the Open Architecture solution will be provided by Regions Investment Management, Inc. (“RIM”), an investment adviser registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission pursuant to the Investment Advisers Act of 1940. RIM is a wholly owned subsidiary of Regions Bank, which in turn, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Regions Financial Corporation.