Tips for Using Categories in My GreenInsights

A Better Way to Categorize and Manage Transactions Online

If you currently access category and report features from the Accounts menu or through your Account Details, the steps below will introduce you to a newer, streamlined service. Available under the Insights tab in Online Banking, the My GreenInsights service will automatically categorize (or “tag”) your transactions. It’s easy to customize these tags and save changes to past and future transactions. My GreenInsights also offers other tools to help you track your finances, such as viewing accounts from other financial institutions, budget and cash flow tools, savings and payoff goal tracking, and more.


How to Add a Category to a Transaction

Using the current category feature, you maintain your own list of categories and add categories to individual transactions manually. With My GreenInsights, select the Insights tab to get started and most common transactions will be automatically categorized using 15 basic categories called tags. Automatic tags are based on merchant names and key words.

You can change the tag applied to a transaction by highlighting or selecting the row and then EDIT to the left of the transaction.

Select the X beside the current tag to remove it. Then you can enter a new tag. As you type, existing tags will be suggested. To create a new tag, just type in the name. Before you save your new or updated tag, you can also choose to create a rule so the tag is applied to all other similar transactions.

You may customize the merchant name while you are editing the tag for your transaction. Many merchant names are automatically simplified to exclude numbers or other data that is not essential.

You can also split transactions to represent multiple tags in one purchase. Select USE SPLIT TAGS to select the tags and enter the amount for each.


How to Recreate Information Found on Reports

Regions Online Banking currently offers four standard reports – Cash Flow, Bill Payments by Payee, Transactions by Category and Tax Related. My GreenInsights has an advanced search that can provide similar information about your accounts, even providing a summary that includes accounts you have with other banks. (You can add accounts from other financial institutions by clicking “Add” above your list of accounts in Insights and entering your credentials from that bank’s website.)


Cash Flow & Transactions by Category

The current Cash Flow report shows the total dollar amount in each category, and the Transactions by Category report shows the same totals by category, but with all transactions listed separately. While My GreenInsights does not offer a report that shows totals for every category, a pie chart provides an overview of total spending for the last 30 days, along with totals for your top tags.

You can find the total for each tag by doing an advanced search:

  1. Select Advanced in the search box at the top of the My GreenInsights dashboard.
  2. In the grey box titled Find transactions, enter the tag(s) you would like to review in the Tagged with field.
  3. From the Posted during drop-down menu, select the month and year you would like to review, or choose 30, 60 or 90 days from the Within the last field.
  4. Refine your search by individual accounts, or search in all accounts for this tag.

Another way to monitor your spending in a particular area is to create a budget. My GreenInsights allows you to establish budgets for each tag or group of tags (for example, Home and Groceries could be tracked together in a single budget). We encourage you to set up budgets for categories you want to closely track, and you can even set up text or email alerts to help.

Your budget and related alerts can track expenses not just from a particular account, but from any of the financial accounts you track in My GreenInsights, from Regions as well as other institutions.

If you would like a comprehensive list of all your transactions with the category assigned to each, you can download a .csv file that contains all details for transactions from up to the past year. Sorting will be required to show the transactions grouped by category. Look for the Export link at the top of your transactions on the My GreenInsights dashboard, above the amount field. Then just enter the start and end dates to download your transactions.


Bill Payments by Payee Report

In the current service you can access a report showing all your cleared bill payments sorted by payee (limited to electronic payments). To recreate this report, use the information found on the Payments tab that includes all payments (both electronic and those paid through Bill Pay using a paper check). To get started, select the Payments tab and then Bill Activity. You can select a range up to 24 months. A total is provided for all items in the range, and additional filters can be added to locate payments to a specific payee or with a certain status or funding account. Please note that categories shown on this page relate to those assigned in the Payments tab to organize billers and do not correspond to tags on the Insights page.