Current Microsoft® Money User

It's easy to get started with Regions Bank's online services and Microsoft Money. With Regions online, you can monitor your accounts whenever you want.

Please follow these simple steps:
  • If Money did not detect your recently used file, click Open on the File menu to locate and upgrade your Money file.
  • On the Money Home page, click the Internet Updates on the Online status bar at the bottom of the screen, and then click Update Now to download the latest information for Microsoft Money.
  • On the Accounts & Bills menu, click Online Services Manager.
  • Click Set Up Online Accounts and select your financial institutions from the list provided by Money.
  • Enter your User ID and Password you received from your financial institution, and click Next to download your account information.
  • Money will match your existing accounts, or you can choose to create new accounts.
  • Money will automatically download the latest information for you so that your account is always up to date. Just tell Money how far back you want to download account transactions.
  • That’s all it takes! Your accounts are now set up for online services in Money.

You're now ready to connect.

If you associate your file with an MSN Passport account, Money will download your statement information in the background based upon the schedule you select if you associate your file with an MSN Passport account. For further information, please review the Help topics provided in Money.

You can also have Microsoft Money transmit bill payments, transfers, and e-mail requests to Regions Bank.

  • On the Accounts and Bills menu, click Account List, and then click the account from which you want to make payments and transfers.
  • In the Common Tasks section in the left pane, click Make an Electronic Payment or Transfer, and then select. Make an Electronic Payment or Make an Electronic Transfer. Money will step you through the rest of the process.
  • To send an e-mail to Regions, click on the Regions Bank icon in the left pane of the account register, and then click Send a Message to Regions Bank.