Quicken for Windows Conversion Instructions

Quicken for Windows 2010-2013 — Direct Connect

As Regions Bank completes its system upgrade to our Online Bill Pay Service, you will need to modify your Quicken settings to ensure the smooth transition of your data. To complete these instructions, you will need your Online ID and Password for Regions Online Banking.

It is important that you perform the following instructions exactly as described and in the order presented. If you do not, your service may stop functioning properly. This conversion should take 15–30 minutes.

Deactivate Your Account(s) at Regions Bank - Direct Connect on July 22, 2013 or later

Step 1: Choose Tools menu > Account List.
Step 2: Click the Edit or Edit Details button of the account you want to deactivate.
Step 3: In the Account Details dialog, click on the Online Services tab.
Step 4: Click on Deactivate or Deactivate Online Payment (only available if you use bill pay services). Follow the prompts to confirm the deactivation.
Step 5: Click Deactivate or Remove from One Step Update. Follow the prompts to confirm the deactivation.
Step 6: Click on the General or General Information tab.

Note: The name of the buttons referenced above vary depending on the services you currently use and the version of Quicken you are using.
Step 7: Remove the financial institution name. Click OK to close the window.
Step 8: Repeat steps 2 – 7 for each account at Regions Bank – Direct Connect.

Re-activate Your Account(s) at Regions Financial on July 22, 2013 or later

Step 1: Open the account register that you want to enable for online account access.
Step 2: Choose Account Actions menu > Set Up Online.
Step 3: Enter Regions Bank and click Next.
Step 4: Type your Online ID and Password. Click Connect.
Step 5: You will be presented with a list of accounts available for online access.
Step 6: Ensure you associate the account to the appropriate account already listed in Quicken. You will want to select Link or Exists in Quicken and select the matching accounts in the drop-down menu.

Important: Do NOT select New or Add In Quicken. If you are presented with accounts you do not want to track in this data file, select Ignore – Don't Download into Quicken.
Step 7: After all accounts have been matched, click Next. You will receive confirmation that your account(s) have been added.
Step 8: Click Done or Finish.