iTreasury Small Business

With iTreasury Small Business (iTreasury SB), you have convenient and secure access to your business account information to efficiently manage cash flow.

Conduct business transactions online in real time and enjoy peace of mind with the advanced fraud prevention options that iTreasury SB provides — all through one point of control. Effectively manage the cash flow of your business with the ability to provide access to multiple users and the potential to create electronic payments for payroll and vendor invoices. Bank with confidence knowing that iTreasury Small Business services can be tailored to give your business the cash management tools it needs to take the next step.


  • Detailed information reporting – fast access to banking information, including balance transactions and account-to-account transfers, deposit ticket images and online displays of checks, and the ability to establish alerts
  • Faster payments – improved cash flow through outgoing wire origination and Automated Clearing House (ACH) origination of credits
  • Increased fraud protection – Positive Pay services to help prevent unauthorized paper-based transactions for early fraud detection of check fraud and risk reduction; plus, peace of mind with Regions ACH Alert to safeguard against debit fraud for Automated Clearing House transactions

Available Services:

  • ACH Module
  • ACH Alert
  • Wire Module
  • Reverse Positive Pay Module
  • Next Day Positive Pay Module
  • Check Messenger
Added Benefits

ACH Origination

In addition to initiating vendor payments with iTreasury SB ACH module, you can use ACH services to pay employees and vendors electronically, as well as easily originate federal and state tax payments. Electronic payments can also save time, money and offer additional protection against fraud.

QuickBooks Integration

iTreasury Small Business is compatible with Quicken® and QuickBooks® providing users the ability to export and upload information into either accounting program. For added convenience, use the Regions Check Messenger application for seamless integration with QuickBooks®* automatically delivering information from your company’s Positive Pay check issue file to Regions without manual intervention on your part.

*Note: Regions Check Messenger is not compatible with QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks for Mac.

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