Creating a Single Transfer

With the Transfer Funds feature, you can move money between your Regions accounts. You will also be able to pay your Regions loan, equity line, and credit accounts through this feature. Transfers between checking and savings accounts will reflect immediately in your available balance. Payments to loan accounts scheduled before 8:00 PM Central Time will be credited within 5 business days.

Step 1: To begin your transfer, place your mouse on Transfers at the top of the screen. Then click Create Transfer.
Step 2: Select the account you would like to transfer money from in the From Account drop-down list.
Step 3: Select the account you would like to transfer money to in the To Account drop-down list.
Step 4: Fill in the amount you want to transfer in the Amount field. Please enter the amount including a decimal point. For example, one hundred dollars would be entered 100.00.
Step 5: Fill in the date you want to make the transfer on by clicking the calendar button and selecting the date.
Step 6: Select "One Time Only" from the Frequency drop-down menu. Then click on Continue.
Step 7: Verify that your transfer information is correct and click Submit. If you need to make any changes, click Previous.