Establishing an Automatic Transfer

*The following instructions assume you have logged in to online banking and are starting from the Account Summary page.

Step 1 : Select Create Transfer from the Transfers menu in the top navigation bar.
Step 2 : Select the desired funding account in the From Account drop-down list.
Step 3 : Select the desired To Account from the drop-down menu.

Step 4 : Type in the Amount you would like to pay.

*A decimal is necessary, but a dollar sign is not.

Step 5 : In the Transfer Date field, enter the date on which the transfer should occur.

*For transfers submitted before 8 p.m. Central Time on a particular business day, the designated funding account will be debited that same evening. For transfers submitted after 8 p.m. Central Time or on weekends or holidays, the designated funding account will be debited during the following business evening's processing. If the account receiving the transfer is a deposit account (checking, savings, or money market), the funds will be credited at the same time as the funding account. For loans, credit cards, or lines or credit, additional processing time is required.

Step 6 : Select a Frequency from the drop-down menu.

*The frequency will determine how often a transfer will occur. For example, if the Transfer Date is the 15th, the payment will be processed each month on the 15th.

Step 7 : Select an expiration for the series in one of three ways:
  • Select the option for Number of Transfers to Complete. Enter the number of times you would like the recurring series to send the transfer.
  • Select Final Transfer Date. This means the recurring series will continue on the selected date(s) until the final transfer date.
  • Select Continue Until Further Notice. This means your recurring series will continue until you request to edit or cancel it.
Step 8 : If you wish to pay a different amount for your final transfer than your regular transfer amount, enter an amount in the Amount of Final Transfer if different than recurring amount field. You may leave this field blank if a different final amount is not necessary.

Step 9 : Click Continue.

*You will have an opportunity to review the details of this transfer before giving final authorization.

Step 10 : Verify the information. Click Previous if changes are necessary, or Submit to finalize the transfer.

Step 11 : Click Done to acknowledge your transfer has been successfully submitted.

*You will then be directed back to the View/Edit Pending Transfers screen.