Electronic Check Services

Tired of hassling with checks? Start accepting checks securely and without worry with Electronic Check Service.

  • Verify account information at the point of sale and minimize your exposure to potential losses.
  • Eliminate the time-consuming hassle of listing paper checks and mailing manual deposits.
  • Receive your funds with the same speed and ease of your credit card deposits.

Check Acceptance Facts

  • 19 billion checks are written at the point of sale every year
  • Checks accounted for 45% of the payment types accepted at the POS
  • Check handling losses totaled $23 billion, that's about $1.20 for every check accepted
  • Check fraud costs are increasing at 19% annually
Source: Visa USA ®

Why Should Merchants Use Electronic Check Service?
  • Greater confidence in accepting checks. Verification and/or Guarantee allows for a greater possibility of funds availability than using other verification services such as SCAN, or even none at all.
  • Real-time funds availability with participating banks
  • Lowers check handling costs by eliminating paper check handling, deposit fees, returned check charges and reduced loss potential
  • Simplifies end of day balancing and reporting
  • Virtually eliminates trips to the bank for manual deposits
    Receive funds in same timeframe as credit card funds
    Increased client benefits:
    • Faster checkout at POS
    • More detail on checking statement
How Does ECS Work?
  • Client presents a personal check at POS
  • The clerk keys the dollar amount, and then swipes the check through the merchant's terminal/check reader
  • The check data is converted into an electronic transaction
  • The MICR-line data is routed to the client's bank or third-party agent
    Upon approval, a sales receipt is printed for the client to sign (authorizing the electronic conversion)
    The clerk voids the check and returns it along with a copy of the sales draft to the client
    Electronic checks are deposited at the end of the day with credit and debit card transaction records

What Types of Checks Are Accepted?
At this time, only consumer checks linked to personal checking accounts can be processed. The following check items are not acceptable at this time and the merchant will be responsible if paying bank later rejects the item:

  • Corporate checks, credit line/convenience checks, government checks, travelers checks, starter checks, insurance checks, payroll checks, cashier checks, money orders, other third party checks
Choice of Service Level:

Guaranteed Electronic Check Service 1
Most merchants will prefer the Guaranteed Service Level with "Guaranteed Cash Flow". The checking account information is forwarded to the guarantor who accepts the risk of loss. Provide the information prompted by the terminal, and you are funded for the check with NO risk from loss.

Electronic Check Verification Service
If you are looking to manage your own check transaction return process, verification services are available through the Electronic Check Service to assist you in your check acceptance decisioning process.
  • Electronic Check Verification Service with Collections
    With the Collections Service Level option of Electronic Check Service, returned checks are automatically and expeditiously placed with a reputable and established check collections service. As checks are successfully collected, the collections service pays you a standard percentage of face value.
  • Electronic Check Verification Service with NetCheck Tools
    For those who prefer to handle their own collection on returned checks for non-sufficient funds, this option is for you. NetCheck, an Internet-based reporting tool designed specifically for tracking electronic check transactions, allows you to track the status of returns and view the associated check images as they are reported to our service bureau. Detailed information records and powerful management functions (including automatic and manual re-submission) will improve your ability to successfully collect returned checks.

  1. Guarantee requires state driver's license number and phone number.