E-Commerce Solutions

With viaKLIX, Regions Merchant Services offers advanced card processing technology to meet the client demand for business on the Internet.

viaKLIX provides a secure link between your company Web site and the network. Your site can be hosted anywhere using viaKLIX as the "checkout" button that integrates with most existing shopping cart providers.

viaKLIX is the answer you’ve been looking for if:
  • You have a Web site and want to accept credit cards for payment
  • You want a secure payment solution
  • You are looking for a cost effective alternative to your existing "Buy" button

Electronic Gift Cards
If you offer paper gift certificates as a part of your business, or have considered doing so, you can't afford to pass up the Electronic Gift Card program. Learn how you can increase revenue, obtain client loyalty, more penetration and more with our Electronic Gift Card program.