Regions Branch Deposit Guidelines

Improve your branch deposit experience by following these best practices.

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In-Person and Night/Day Depository

Help us provide you with an exceptional deposit experience. When your deposit is well prepared, we can serve you even better with increased efficiency, security and accuracy.

Preparing Check and Money Order Deposits:

  1. Ensure all items contain the proper endorsement.
  2. Place checks and money orders facing the same direction.
  3. Place checks in front and money orders in back.
  4. Use rubber bands to secure checks.
  5. Place adding machine tape (that matches the order of the checks and money orders in the deposit) on top of the bundle.

Preparing Currency and Coin Deposits:

  1. Strap bills by denomination (100 bills make a full strap).
  2. For full strap deposits, use a paper strap; standard white Federal Reserve straps are preferred.
  3. For partial straps, bundle bills in order of lowest to highest denomination and secure with a rubber band.
  4. Place loose mixed coin in an envelope.

Preparing Deposit Tickets:

  1. Use preprinted and encoded deposit tickets.
  2. Include the following information on the deposit tickets:
    • Company name
    • Store number (location ID)
    • MICR line
  3. Fill out deposit tickets to include:
    • Date
    • Total for coin and currency, in the appropriate fields
    • Total of all checks
    • Sum of coin, currency and checks

Preparing Deposit Bags:

  1. Night/day depository:
    • Use clear, tamper-evident, dual-pocket poly bags.
    • Place coin and currency in the top pocket and checks in the bottom pocket.
    • Include one deposit ticket with the deposit total where visible in the bag.
    • Follow directions on the bags to securely seal the bags.
  2. In-person deposits:
    • Deliver branch deposits in bags that are in good condition and easy for the Regions Banker to open.
    • Adhere to the guidelines for separating checks/money orders, currency and coin described above.