Commercial Check Imaging Solutions

Protecting assets — especially financial assets — is a key responsibility for any business. Checking accounts remain important tools for managing your business, but the task of reconciling these accounts to ensure accuracy and legitimacy of all transactions can be time consuming.

Regions gives you options
Regions offers a variety of account reconcilement and check imaging strategies to help meet the unique needs of your business. These check imaging solutions allow you to easily and conveniently identify and verify your checks paid and/or issued for faster account reconciliation.

Check imaging options include imaging solutions delivered via CD, DVD, online through iTreasury or a long-term check image archive via the Internet.

Deposit reconcilement services provide centralized information from multiple deposit accounts into one consolidated location. Reporting enables you to quickly detect errors and confirm deposits. With specially encoded deposit tickets, you can separate and monitor deposits of various departments, branches and cost centers to gain valuable business intelligence.

Are Account Reconcilement and Imaging services right for your business?
If you would like to automate time-consuming manual processes to optimize efficiency, these services can save you time and money. Plus, you can benefit further from early fraud detection and risk reduction by using Positive Pay services as well.



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