Commercial Insights Magazine – Summer 2018

Commercial Insights ofrece la perspectiva de la banca comercial de Regions sobre asuntos económicos actuales en apoyo al compromiso de Regions de ofrecer a nuestros clientes herramientas y experiencia para que accedan a información que puedan aplicar a sus negocios. Descargar la edición de verano 2018 de la revista Commercial Insights.

Analyzing the New Tax Code

When you run a business, you have a wide range of partnerships and relationships, and one of those relationships is with the government. Now, with the new tax reforms, that relationship has changed.

To help you unpack this highly complex change and its many implications, this issue of Regions Commercial Insights is filled with fine-toothed examination and farsighted analysis for you and your business. In “Analyzing the New Tax Code,” we go right to the heart of the biggest impacts of these changes. In addition to several other stories exploring what these reforms mean for different aspects of your business, we also look at opportunities they may present in “Investing Your Company’s Tax Surplus.”

At the same time, we know that focusing on one single aspect of your business can be its own kind of risk for an owner-operator. That’s why we pull back the lens to explore issues like your outreach efforts, in “Marketing and Growth: Making the Connection,” and the ins and outs of buying or selling your enterprise in “Assisting With Milestones and Transitions.”

Given the many responsibilities and relationships in your life, this issue mirrors the myriad problems you often need to focus on in a single day. In that way, we believe it’s an expression of Regions’ commitment to your success in a business environment that’s always changing.

New View on Equipment Financing
Whether to own or lease business equipment is one decision that could be affected by the new tax law. p1

Liquidity and Debt: Finding Balance
Developing a strong cash and liquidity risk strategy is essential to maintaining company health and wealth. p2

Understanding Blockchain
What you should know about the electronic ledger system that could change how we transact business. p3

Marketing for Growth
Think twice before cutting your marketing budget, as it may be the key to future sales and business growth. p4

Analyzing the New Tax Code
Lowered tax rates may change how businesses operate. Here’s what to expect for your company. p6

Investing in a New Tax Landscape
A few sectors could be poised to outperform following tax reform. Here are a few to consider. p10

Deploying Tax Cut Cash
The new tax law might enable business expansion and new investment opportunities. p12

Business Succession & Estate Planning
How private wealth managers can help you coordinate your personal and business finances. p13


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